In a very populous and crowded city, garbage accumulated everywhere. Streets were filled with waste, sidewalks were invaded by flying papers, and parks were choked with trash. The city seemed fated to suffocate under the weight of its own garbage.

But one day, something strange happened: the feces that had been abandoned everywhere took on a life of their own. These small piles of poop seemed to move on their own, trying to find a way to survive amidst all that chaos. Eventually, they discovered they had a sort of magic in them, a magic they could use to shape the world around them.

In a short amount of time, these animated feces began to create their own society, building houses and structures made of waste. The city started to change, becoming more colorful and vibrant, with strange and fantastic buildings rising up in every corner. The city’s residents were perplexed, but also fascinated by the strangeness happening around them.

Over time, these fecal creatures became known as “Poops”, and they became the new main attraction of the city. Artists began to create works of art inspired by them, while tourists came from all over the world to see this unique and marvelous city.

The popularity of these small smelly creatures continued to grow, and soon they spread outside of the city. People began to trade and collect them as unique collectibles. The city began to gain international fame, and artists from all over the world came to create their artworks and bring their characters to life. A real market was created, with collectors competing to possess the rarest and most unique creations.

These colorful little turds have shown that even from dirt, something wonderful can be created and that one should never underestimate the power of creativity and imagination.

The city, once full of litter, became a clean and livable place where residents and tourists could enjoy the beauty of the Poops and their creativity. The city became a world famous tourist attraction, and the Poops became a symbol of their ability to transform the negative into something positive and beautiful.

And so, the city that was once a landfill became an example of how creativity and imagination can bring about the rebirth of a place and a community. The popularity of the Poops continued to grow, but their true legacy was the transformation of the city into a clean, safe, and welcoming place for all.


Pooverse is a fully artistic and creative project, born from the imagination of people who wanted to transform something negative into something positive and beautiful. Poop’s NFTs are a way to support this project and show appreciation for the creativity and ingenuity of their creators.

I hope you enjoyed the story of Poop and that it can inspire other people to find ways to create beauty and value from what seems negative or insignificant. I wish you a good life, and I hope you can continue to find inspiration and satisfaction through your creativity and passions.

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